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Mary Jane's Bakery Co. 24 Hour CBD THC Smoke Shop

Mary Jane's Bakery | Buy Delta 8 THC And CBD Products Online

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Mary Jane’s Bakery Co. is your destination for exotic bud, vapes, edibles and tinctures. With no medical marijuana card needed, shop fresh hand trimmed smokable flower in both delta 8 THC and CBD. There are multiple strains of hemp flower for you to choose from such as: Runtz, GSC, GG#4, AC/DC, CW and the list goes on. We have over 20 different strains in both CBD and THC. Our infused edibles are another favorite. With over 1,000 MG per pack, check out our CBD and THC infused edibles. We offer gummies, cookies, hard candies, hot chips, brownies and more! If it can be infused with cannabinoids, odds are that we have it! Miami’s best smoke shop offering a wide range of cannabinoid infused products for both pick up and delivery 24 hours a day. Also shipping worldwide.