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Lighthouse Organics

Organic Soil Grown True Hand Crafted - Cannabis

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Lighthouse Organics is a state licensed dispensary (since 2010). We have chosen a more natural approach when growing in that we do not use pesticides, PGH’s, salts or synthetics. Our flower is high quality hand-picked, hand-cured, hand-trimmed, hand watered, limited batch, organic cannabis grown by cultivators with a combined 20+ years of experience in the industry who recognize the importance of chemical-free cannabis for the consumer. Lighthouse Organics prides itself in growing strictly for terpenes and cannabinoids. Our products are lab tested for quality assurance standards set by the state of Montana. Lighthouse Organics serves as a distinction between small-scale cannabis growers and the ever emerging industrial mass-producers. The distinction is clear – Small batch craft cannabis is undeniably far superior to commercially produced products.