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Highly Flavored Claimed

At “Highly Flavored” we pride ourselves on providing quality products

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Highly Flavored was founded in 2022 by best friends Jamaal Redfield and Brandon Herrington. The main goal of Highly Flavored is to provide the highest quality smoking accessories and apparel, to elevate your sessions and keep you smoking in style. The idea of Highly Flavored came from the spin-off off the quote “Blessed and Highly Favored” during a smoke session. The idea of the famous “Highly Flavored Cupcakes” came shortly after the munchies hit soon after. Highly Flavored started as a street wear idea for people to wear their favorite pastime activity and to be proud of who they are. Shortly after, the co-founders thought that it was also best that we provided you with the best quality smoke accessories to aid you during your favorite pastime.