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Australia's first national online only plant-based healthcare centre

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Harvest has come in to provide an easy all-in-one service for Australians seeking plant-based treatments. Our company is the first of its kind. We serve as a hub for education and discussion while also providing quality healthcare. As an online-only service, we are invested in open and clear communication.

Too many are uncomfortable with speaking to their doctor about plant-based treatments. Others do not know it is an option. This has led to an overwhelming amount of people turning to illicitly sourced products. Not only is this a crime, but it can be a major health risk. 

At Harvest, we have medical professionals that are open to listening and learning. They stay up to date with the research on plant-based treatments. New information comes in from around the country and across the globe.

Every day, we discover more about the potential benefits and concerns of using plant-based medicines. We pay close attention to how they may relieve the symptoms of hundreds of chronic conditions. Our team uses this knowledge, to assist our members carefully. Combined with thorough consideration of each person’s needs, we can provide tailored care prioritizing individual health and safety.